Challenge: Where will the meeting take place?

After a while without proposing any challenge, we return with our research team, which believes to be really close to know the next gang’s meeting point that they have been investigating for the last few months.

Thanks to the last actions performed, our team got the following file: captured_file, which despite being coded, seems to provide the location about the place where the next exchange will be carried. In addition, in the arrest of one of the members who was going to participate in the exchange, the team got a mobile phone that had only two SMS in its memory.

The first was submitted by the number “+34611111111” and contained the following:

Recuerda, la quinta es la importante.

In English: “Remember, the fifth is the important.” The second SMS was sent by the number “+34622222222” and contained the following text:

Te esperamos en:uÖ%äFeM!

In English “We will wait you in:uÖ%äFeM!”.

Our forensics team is convinced that this information will provide us the exact place where the following exchange of the band will take place. So this challenge is to provide the city where the meeting will occur (validador1.rar) and the exact address (validador2.rar).

As with previous challenges, we have provided two rar files that require a password to be opened. The first one (validador1.rar) will open with the solution of part 1 of the challenge, and the second (validador2.rar) the solution of the second part. Please note that the challenge is not to try to crack these two archives, since they only allow you to see if you have reached the right solution or not. The solution of the first part is not required to discover the the second.

I hope you enjoy this challenge, and as always, the solution will be published in a few days on the blog;)