Honeyspider 2.0 – Workflows

Some time ago we wrote about HoneySpider 2.0 and we made a quick look at its functionalities. Now let’s see one of the key pieces of this new version: workflows. We assume you have already installed HoneySpider 2.0 or that you are using the virtual machine provided by the project.... Leer Más

JavaSnoop – Debugging Java applications

(Please note this post was published last 12th sept. 2012 in the Spanish version of this blog)... Leer Más

Customizing “Cuckoo Sandbox”

(Please note this post was originally published in the Spanish version of Security Art Work last 19th Nov 2012)... Leer Más

TCPdump DROP privileges

I’m sure many of you know tcpdump and use it frequently. As we all know when it is run without privileges to capture packets on a network interface it displays the following message:

$ /usr/sbin/tcpdump -i eth0
tcpdump: eth0: You don't have permission to capture on that device
(socket: Operation not permitted)

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