Pentest in space

When we talk about space, it often sounds like fiction at first. However, we are not as far away as we may think. A new security testing trend that is flourishing nowadays is the well known Pentest against satellites. Today, a single person can design, build and launch a satellite while respecting very few safety standards and protocols.

As we already know, human error is quite well known in our field, which together with the democratization of space that has opened a new frontier to companies and enthusiasts to exploration and innovation in the space field, produces the birth of a new set of specific vulnerabilities, which require qualified and specialized professionals to identify them.

What is Satellite Pentesting?

In short, it is what many of us already know as “pentesting” but extrapolated to satellites. Therefore, it is a process of testing the security of satellite communication systems, where we simulate attacks against them, identifying potential vulnerabilities and deficiencies that can be exploited and then report them to the client with their respective corrective measures, allowing them to mitigate the risks identified.

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