Unveiling Nuclear EK (IV)

(See parts I, II and III of this serie)

In the previous post we managed to obtain the original SWF, but discovered that the exploit is embedded in a ByteArray. Will we be able to obtain it?

First of all, we must extract the contents stored in the ByteArray. To do this, we need a Flash decompiler desktop: Adobe SWF Investigator (It’s free!). Once installed we open the last file obtained: uncompressed_exploit.swf. We go to “Tag Viewer” and select “DefineBinaryData” among all the tags. Then we save it by clicking in “Dump to file” and naming it as “dump_exploit.bin”, for example.

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Unveiling Nuclear EK (III)

(See parts I and II of this serie)

In the previous post we were about to find out why the proxy does not identify the Flash object as application/x-shockwave-flash. Let’s see.


We extract the object Bk8RH15VB1xLUk5SS1BXClYHDgVUBlNLV1UWVAkOGVQBTQZQVkQDXQs from Wireshark and check what type of file it is:


Bk8RH15VB1xLUk5SS1BXClYHDgVUBlNLV1UWVAkOGVQBTQZQVkQDXQs: application/octet-stream; charset=binary

00000000  5a 57 53 17 ad 23 00 00  3a 21 00 00 5d 00 00 20  |ZWS..#..:!..].. |
00000010  00 00 3b ff fc 8e 19 fa  df e7 66 08 a0 3d 3e 85  |..;.......f..=>.|
00000020  f5 75 6f d0 7e 61 35 1b  1a 8b 16 4d df 05 32 fe  |.uo.~a5....M..2.|
00000030  a4 4c 46 49 b7 7b 6b 75  f9 2b 5c 37 29 0b 91 37  |.LFI.{ku.+\7)..7|
00000040  01 37 0e e9 f2 e1 fc 9e  64 da 6c 11 21 33 ed a0  |.7......d.l.!3..|
00000050  0e 76 70 a0 cd 98 2e 76  80 f0 e0 59 56 06 08 e9  |.vp....v...YV...|
00000060  ca eb a2 c6 db 5a 86 7b  47 de 99 5d 68 76 38 16  |.....Z.{G..]hv8.|
00000070  bd 93 3c d3 d0 9e d3 55  63 5a da b0 db 27 e6 7c  |..<....UcZ...'.||

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Unveiling Nuclear EK (II)

In the first part, we got an example of the case we want to analyze. Having the HTML files extracted with Wireshark, we can start the analysis.

(1) index.php


Simple; redirects to (2) http://zvqumcs1tsfct4sjvzot3p9.filmtane.com/watch.php?kcppp=MTE3NzU5ODg2Nzk3NjRlY2M0MmJiNDk3M2NmZGVkM2Fl.

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Unveiling Nuclear EK (I)

When analyzing network traffic, we can often find patterns belonging to the already known Angler EK, Nuclear EK and Magnitude EK.

Normally sold in the black market, an Exploit Kit (EK) is a toolset that automates the exploitation of vulnerabilities on the client, aimed at browsers and plugins that a website can invoke as Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Reader, Java, etc., to infect computers while surfing the Internet in what is called drive-by download attacks.

These patterns can be detected by snort rules such as:

ET CURRENT_EVENTS Cushion Redirection
ET CURRENT_EVENTS Possible Nuclear EK Landing URI Struct T1
ET CURRENT_EVENTS Malvertising Redirection to Exploit Kit Aug 07 2014
ET CURRENT_EVENTS DRIVEBY Nuclear EK Landing May 23 2014

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