Android Pentesting (I): Environment Configuration

In this article we will try to explain step by step in the simplest possible way how to create a working environment to perform an ethical hacking on an Android device application, so that it can be done by anyone regardless of the knowledge they have.

The first step is to create a working environment to start an audit of mobile applications on Android. To do this, we will look at several mobile device emulators and choose one in which to mount our environment.

Some emulators on the market

First, let’s explain what an emulator is. This word comes from the Latin word aemulātor (emulates), which means something that imitates the operation of something else. Wikipedia defines it as follows: “In computing, an emulator is software that allows programs or video games to run on a platform (either a hardware architecture or an operating system) different from the one for which they were originally written. Unlike a simulator, which merely attempts to reproduce the behavior of the program, an emulator attempts to accurately model the device so that the program works as if it were being used on the original device”.

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