My5tery solved

Typical autumn day, through the window you can only see a gray sky. It is the typical day in which you believe that nothing strange is going to happen. Suddenly, our surveillance system alerts anomalous connections: a user has tried to connect against IP addresses of unknown origin. These IP addresses are public and, according to the configuration established in the organization, any HTTP connection to the outside must pass through a proxy.

The connections are searched in the proxy logs and are not found, so this user has tried to connect directly, ignoring the configuration of the system. [Read more…]

Templates with bad intentions

A few days ago while analyzing several emails I came across one that contained a suspicious attachment. It was a .docx document that at first glance had nothing inside but it occupied 10 kb.

The mail had passed all the barriers, both SPF, as the two antiviruses that gateways have, and also the anti-spam filter.

The .docx file can be treated as a tablet. Once extracted its content, I began to analyze all the files in the directory in search of domains or IP addresses that could be seen clearly:

And I managed to find something interesting inside the path word/_rels/document.xml.rels where the following appears:
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